Dear Socially Challenged

Dear Girlfriend,
We moved to Tampa 4 years ago and are still getting to know people. My husband and I would like to come to the Power Couples Ball this year and so would my single friend from Charlotte . We came once two years ago but last year we missed it because we were out of town. The couple who intvited us before did not invite us this year and when I asked about it, she apologized and said her table was full. How do we get on someone elses’ list?
Socialliy Challenged in New Tampa.

Dear Socially Challenged in New Tampa,
First of all, You do not have to be on anyone’s ist to attend the ball. The Ball is an advertised open to the public affair designed to promote love and fun within marriages. it also an opportunity to socialize with like minded progressive couples. So plese make plans to join us.
Just like you can buy tickets to the Music Fest, you can buy tickets to attend the Power Couples Ball. However, if you are waiting on some FREE tickets, it is not that kind of party. Some Power Couples have been known to give couples tickets but that’s so they can introduce them to the affair for the first time... not for you to expect them to pay for your dinner and date night every year. lol
To the right is a list of most of the Power Couples who are hosting tables. Some have more than one table and some may still have seats at their table left that you can purchase. If not, you can buy your tickets directly from me or online at
.The Power Couples’ Ball is a formal affair. We would like to think it is date night at its best. So you do not have to be invited, you merely have to decide this is where you and your signifcant other would like to be and purchase your tickets. Tickets are $100 each but will go up to $125 each the week of the event. Dinner, dancing, desert, live enertainment and Moet Champagne on every table with the most wonderful couples in Tampa Bay. No tickets will be sold at the door.
I look forward to seeing you there. Please introduce yourself.

Tampa Bay Tammy

Tampa Bay Tammy is COO of N-TOUCH News. She gives advice through her column Dear Girlfriend to entertain and enlighten her readers from near and far. 

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