Dear Girlfriend


Dear Girlfriend,    My favorite uncle who is well respected in the community is dating a girl I went to high school with and it disgusts me.  My aunt died about 10 years ago from cancer. After a year, my uncle was publicly dating.  The women were always younger but still closer ...
December 2nd 2018

Still Balling!!!

Dear Girlfriend,.I attended the Power Couples Ball for the first time but it will not be my last. We really had a Ball in every sense of the word. All the guest at our table agreed, that was the best hotel food we have ever had. That fish and chicken was great and the salad was different from the ...
October 18th 2018

Flirting In Florida

  Dear Girlfriend,  We don’t get out much anymore. Between work, children, household duties  and/or I just don’t be wanting to waste my money like that, its been a little boring. Furthermore my husbands works the evening shift and I discovered many years ago, I have more fun ...
October 4th 2018

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