Dear Girlfriend

Dating Dude

Dear Girlfriend,  I have a car but my insurance has expired and I can’t get my new registration without proof of insurance. However, I should be able to rectify this problem next month. Well the good news is I won some tickets from the radio station for an upcoming concert. I would like ...
May 31st 2018

Dear Lottoless & Friendless

Dear Girlfriend,    One of my closest friends won the Texas Lottery. We always talked about what we would do if we won.  I would tell her that I would pay for this or that and she would say some of the same things.  It was always cool to talk to her because she was funny, fun ...
May 3rd 2018

Dear Shattered Sister

Dear Girlfriend,   When I went home for my old friends funeral in our hometown of Alabama, I saw a young man that looked just like my sister’s husband and a lot like my nephew.   I asked an older friend of ours, “Who is that child’s daddy?”  To my surprise, she ...
March 12th 2018

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