Mother's Day

                                                                                                       Mother's Day 

     This was a very special Mother's Day!!! Kindall was home from Bangladesh. Tampa Bay Tammy (Dear Girlfriend), my baby sister came home to be with our mom. My cousins Katra, her husband Julius, her dad Uncle Robert and a nice couple drove up from Meridian. Most of us went to our family church in Barton, Mississippi. Our cousin, Lawrence Payne song "Another Blessing." He made me proud to say, "He's my cousin."  Of course Tammy and Shirley visited Braxton (Dear Girlfriend's son), my dad, my grandparents, and Aunt Connie's ( Shirley's mom) graves. We we left church and went to our Uncle JB's house, the patriarch of the family, my last living great uncle. My last living aunt was there Geraldine, along with my precious mother.


                                            Pictured: Payne Family Descendants.....Oh I love my family

     We had a great time. We potlucked. I made Sphagetti with ground turkey. Everyone filled me with compliments.  Our family likes to talk about the latest successes of the family members. This year, we have my daughter graduating from high school, my son had twin girls, my cousin has a good role in a new movie, and two more cousins are graduating one as a civil engineer and the other one is an certified electronic auto mechanic. Also, my niece and her husband (the diplomats) are on their way to Washington DC and then Bogata, Columbia in South America. 

    The craziest thing happened, my elderly Uncle got cocky and droved to Memphis from Meridan, himself. So his children put out a Silver Alert for him. However, he made it to Holly Springs, Miss. (too funny). Funnier than that, the Meridian men took 2 hours because they continuously got lost driving 8 miles to where we were.....unbelievable. Of course everything was not perfect .... my first Mother's Day as a Gorgeous Granny.  I did not see my twin granddaughters. However, I am going to keep on counting my blessings. In due time and season, it will be revealed, I am the GG (gorgeous granny) of the century. It is my goal to be in such great health that when they get old enough to dance and or sing, we will. Yes, I am going to dance and sing with my granddaughters. No special place, just for my social media friends. Lord E D dum dum... Time to go now!!! Check back on me right here at Blogger Living Large LeNiece!!!


LeNiece Woods

LeNiece is a retired elementary teacher from the Memphis School System. She has been blogging since 2014 on social, political and cultural issues. 

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