Mystery of Honey Bees Visit


     Sunday around noon, my husband said, "Come here LeNiece." He pointed to the side of our yard and said, "What do you think those swarming insects are?" I responded, " I don't know, take a picture of it." Then I went back in the house.   Ten minutes later, my son and husband was ranting about something outside. Then my husband said, "Come look at the neighbor's mailbox, it is bees!" So some neighbors and my family members took turns getting in their cars and driving by the mailbox to take a closer look and get photos!!! We then decided to call a beekeeper!!! He came and said awesome!!! The bee keeper said he would return at sundown to retrieve them.

     As the day went by, half of the bees flew away. I was told by my daughter, different bees play different rolls in their colonies. Some bees fly around to tell other bees where a queen bee is hanging out. Now I understand why Beyonce call herself Queen Bee. When she shows up all the other bees come flying, too. My daughter also shared with me that the queen bee gets a special type of honey "royal jelly"  made just for her (placed around her larvae, before she is born) by the worker bees of her colony; which causes her to grow a little longer.  The next day we notice a few bees still flying around the box.  

     Two days later my neighbors came home. I ran over to meet them for the first time after many years. I told them to be very careful entering their mailbox because a million bees were on their mailbox. I told them the saga and showed her my photos and video. Her husband got out some spray and went to town. True enough it still was over 200 bees still inside the mailbox. I suspect I saved her husband from a few stings.  I kept asking her what did she have in her mail that would attract the bees. She said I got some essential oils in a package. Sure enough one of the oil was smelling good and loud; therefore, we concluded that was the culprit!!! Some of the oil had seaped out onto wrapping of the package. The essential oil that attracted the bees was called, purify. I had myself a ball getting to the bottom of what made honey bees visit my neighbors mailbox. I am so nosey and I just had to share the info with my blog readers. Time to go, I want some of their honey and the purify oil. She said "purify" helps you to concentrate. I googled it... I read it purifies the air and protects against environmental threats. It really smells good too!!! Time to vamp!!! Til my next blog!!! Living Large LeNiece loves living large!!! Bye!!! 

LeNiece Woods

LeNiece is a retired elementary teacher from the Memphis School System. She has been blogging since 2014 on social, political and cultural issues. 

Livin' Large With Leniece

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