Our Miracle Day

     On March 31, a little after 1p.m. my twin granddaughters were born. I will forever label this date as my Miracle Day!!! My Niece, Kassidy Ann was born on this day.  Kassidy Ann is the first born of my sister Tammy and brother-in-law Daryl, the owners of this website and newspaper N-Touch News. When I first laid eyes on Kassidy, I felt she was a miracle.  Well, God sent my first grandchildren, my twins, my girls on the same day!!!  They both were 5 lbs and some ounces. My son, is smitten by his twins. Everybody feels grateful to God for the twins and their mother's health. Six weeks early, breathing on their own, and no need of blood or anything ..... what a blessing!!!!!


                                                                             Pictured: My daughter and I with the twins

     I want to add, for the last 10 or so years, I have sung the song at karaoke events "One Moment in Time". God has given us another moment in time with being a granny of twin cute girls which is more than I every thought I would be. Moreover, after leaving the hospital the day of their birth, I stopped to pick up some food. While there it began to rain too hard, so I sat there and ate.  While driving home I saw a rainbow!!! I did not have a safe opportunity to get a photo before it disappeared. So I googled to see if anyone in the area posted it. To my surprise a local newscaster posted someone's photo of a double rainbow in our city on March 31st. 

    I met more of the twins immediate family. They all seem to be good people. The amusing thing is their teenage uncle and his father (the twins grandfather) were dressed like twins. Their petite mother, Tiara  did a great job.   I have decided they will call me GG (Gorgeous Granny). I got that name from Dian Harman, my former dance teammate. Of course I stopped by the grocery store bought me a cupcake, ice cream to break bread in celebration of my grand twins. I bought me two lottery tickets just in case God wanted to bless me one more time, lol.  I have not checked the ticket yet, but the numbers came down last night. We realize we are going to need all the money we can get with twins. I know God will provide all our needs. He always has. Time to plan for my daily visit... Lord E D dum dum!!! Praises to God... Check back on the twins and I at N-TouchNews.com  FYI ... I won a Power Ball number so that meant $4.00 to play on some more numbers. Bye!!!

LeNiece Woods

LeNiece is a retired elementary teacher from the Memphis School System. She has been blogging since 2014 on social, political and cultural issues. 

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