Snaps at the Healing Races

                                                                  Blogger in front of Elvis Presley's Home Blogger in front of Elvis Presley's Home

                                                                                Snaps at the Healing Races

     On a Saturday morning my husband and I went to the Healing Cathedral Church 5k and 10k races event in Memphis, Tn. When I arrived, I soon discovered it was very windy and cold. Fortunately, I had on a nice jacket with a hood. Then we were off, leaving the praying & motivational Senior Pastor Tyrone Hunt behind. I soon became excited when I saw this walking zumba duo!!!! I thought great, I will do zumba with them for the entire 6 miles. So I snap snap pictures and danced and then ohhhh....nah, they turned off at the 5k route, dog gone it.  What a short disappointment ... I had forgotten the race consisted of a 5k too.  Oh well, I met another lady that said she was only going to walk.  I snapped a pic with her. Off I jogged, passing  Elvis Presley Home, his statue in a store window, and his jet... so snap snap snap my cell phone went.  I needed to run to warm up because the wind was blowing cold on Elvis Presley Blvd, so I did. 


                                                         Pictured: Pastor Tyrone Hunt of Healing Cathederal

     As I was making a right on Winchester, the wind appeared to calm down and I started talking to an unknown familiar face about the hawking wind and the race. Then from behind up walks my sister's college roommate & marathon runner enthusiast, Valencia Wolfe Watson. We walked together and talked about future runs, this and that. She shared she was not feeling her best. So after a few jogs and walking we soon separated for her necessary stop on Millbranch. After that, the highlight of my day was seeing my cousin, Montavious and his friend entertaining the supporters with drum beats!!! Of course I went snap snap again!!!! I noticed signs on the side of the road thanking donors and encouraging the runners.   I met another runner. She said she was a member of a exercise group called Fit Nation Trailblazers. Her nickname was "First Lady". She was such a good samaritan that she picked a cone up off the street that had fallen.  All of the Memphis Police Department officers on duty seem so supportive and at peace. I thought wow they are refreshing group because there are times some of them give off dead energy, especially in the next state over. I felt truly felt appreciative for their service. 


                                                   Pictured: Montavious and his drummer friend...two Memphis drummers

     On Shelby Drive my husband came back to walk the last mile with me and to motivate me because he is a much faster runner. Of course my husband's support deserved a snap. Then upon entering the  finish line there were the big pretty balloons and big bold letters FINISHED with people shouting and cheering us on.  Wow that deserves a snap. Oh yeah, every finisher got a medal, a bag of goodies, and a t-shirt with other churches in the Memphis Area names on it and sponsors! Due to the cold wind, award ceremony and great food was moved to the inside of the church. While some people exercised (which was lead by a zumba instructor) I saw many familiar faces, family members and runner friends. I found out that the unknown familiar face lady I talked to was my childhood friend's (Jeanette Johnson Pruitt) daugther, Kimyata Pruitt (my facebook friend).  Ok .. now you know I love capturing moments more than winning a place in the race. Although, it would probably be impossible for me to place anyhow. Lord E D dum dum time to rest. Check on from time time. FYI ....more photos from this event maybe found in the photo section.

LeNiece Woods

LeNiece is a retired elementary teacher from the Memphis School System. She has been blogging since 2014 on social, political and cultural issues. 

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