Fat Is Not My Friend

I need the whole world to know ... I am on a weight loss journey. I know fat is not my friend. I believe fat comes to grow on us to ruin our lives. I am speaking of excess fat. …

Service On Behalf Of Ida B. Wells

My friend, Gwen Calleo, owner of PreK-3 Solutions invited me to donate my services at the historical Ida B. Wells home in Holly Springs, Mississippi. I graciously accepted. I had visited her home one time long ago with my sorors…

Cabin In The Sky Memphis

Well let me tell you, Feburary 25, 2016.... I soooo enjoyed the play "Cabin in the Sky" performed by the seniors at Orange Mound Seniors Community Center and directed by the awesome Doris Webb!!! I had a tiny role of…

Book Signing of Lyle Johnson

I received an invite from an ex dancer teammate, Phyllis and her husband Lyle Johnson. They were having a booksigning at their lovely, immaculate home in the Germantown area of Memphis. The name of the book is "Beyond Get Fit…
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Livin' Large With Leniece

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