A Great River Crossing

      In Memphis, I accompanied Girl Trek Memphis, a Black girl/women walking movement, in which I am an active member, to the grand opening of the Big River Crossing Walk.   The Big River Crossing Walk is a new metal walking trail made of steel and very sturdy.  It goes over the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tennessee to West Memphis, Arkansas. 



    The famous Tom Lee Park walk is connected to the Great River Crossing Walk. The walk was filled with bikers, trekkers, some runners and news reporter. However, I notice it's not quite wide enough for two bikes to ride side by side comfortably. The passenger train track runs along the side of the metal trail.  Another freight train track runs along the side of the passenger track. I saw a freight train on the track and it was not an ear sore. When I looked directly down through the holes of the floor, I became dizzy. So I decided not to look through the holes. Other than that it was fine!!! I witnessed a middle aged woman fall and it hit the metal... She said she thought she fell because she look down and became dizzy. The view was beautiful, from a distance you can see Downtown Memphis Skyline. 



    On the Arkansas side, their party was in full force. They were passing out information about their bike trails, tourist locations, and parks. They passed out snacks and had live entertainment. Girl Trek took advantage of all their photo op locations. On the way back from Arkansas, an architect of the bridge struck up a conversation with me. As we walked and talked, we shared life stories. I found out she also helped to design Greenline in Memphis. I think I told her, "I love the Greenline!"  When we got back to the Memphis side, we took more photos.  Then our city captain and I enjoyed the art festival in Downtown Memphis on Main Street which proves our great city has much room for possibilities.  That would be another blog.. Lord E D dum dum.  Time to go be sure to check back from time to time ... Living Large LeNiece!!! 



                                                      Pictured: Girl Trek: Memphis posing in Tenn.

Tampa Bay Tammy, COO

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| 1056 views | November, 2nd, 2016
LeNiece Woods

LeNiece is a retired elementary teacher from the Memphis School System. She has been blogging since 2014 on social, political and cultural issues. 

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