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    July 30th I joined a national 3 year old nonprofit walking team that may or may not be in your neighborhood. What caught my eyes were they supported my desire to do activism work while promoting health and fitness. I love the works of IDA B Wells and they advertised using her name. After, looking at their website to observe their togetherness, I knew I wanted to be a part. We offer monthly challenges, walking challenges and more. My first challenge was to earn my goldenshoelaces. The monthly challenge was to register at least 50 people to vote or have a voters registration table in your community. Along with walk 50 miles. Well, I accomplished both goals. I got my goldenshoelaces in the mail on yesterday. I am still waiting on my t-shirt. 

                                      img 1120

                                      Pictured: Memphis GirlTrek: PopUp Walk in the park

     On the website, I found out that I could walk solo (which is up my alley) or walk in a group. I wanted to touch bases with the Memphis group. So I went to a Superheroes Saturday Walk. I met our city captain intelligent Tarrin McGhee. I saw familiar faces and Facebook friend Igina who was a member of NPHC thru the local Zetas Chapter in our city.  Also, I met new ladies who love to walk. Some of them had been with GirlTrek for a few years. While walking I learned about GirlTrek events they attended outside the city and just how awesome of a organization it is. I learned a joy jump and about making a victory bridge which is a part of our ritual after every walk. 

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                                    Pictured: Onika of GirlTrek on Lisa Akbari "Ask Your Hair Doctor" Radio Show

     Well, since I have joined.. We went to NPHC meeting to solicit new Greek members. Then we partnered with Men of Alpha by providing a voters registration table for their policemen awareness community event. While there, Tarrin (our city captain) ask me to be a neighborhood captain in efforts to grow in servicing our city walking groups. I accepted and decided I should chose the park I walked in a few years back. So I walked alone on the day and time I wanted to hold the neighborhood walk. While walking I struck a conversation with a lady walking. She was a mom of a boys junior league football team out in the park. I invited all the other mom's sitting on the lawn chairs watching their son's, grandsons and nephews to join us as the same time and place every Tuesday. So far, three of them have joined us to walk. Two are now members of GirlTrek.

    Somewhere in this month, Onika Jervis, came to Memphis to assist us in our membership drive. I found out our city is the number one fattest city. She shared ideas, lead pop up walks in various parks, and we attended churches to get the word out about Girl Trek. I introduced Girl Trek to Lisa Akbari "Your Hair Doctor" a hair guru who I do social media work for in her hair conglomerate business. Lisa inreturn met with Onika and had her on her radio show that Sunday evening. I know I deserve a woot woot to hook up to 70, 000 members organizations with a 7,000 YouTube subscribers of Black women together.  I know I am and have been a blessing for those bad mamma jammas, even if I have to say so myself. 


                                  Pictured: Parade participate and Living Large LeNiece of GirlTrek

     Recently, GirlTrek partnered with Black Caucus Tennessee Legislators in the Southern Heritage Parade. They rode while we walked and throwed treats to the participants. It was sooo much fun. Then Memphis: GirlTrek partnered to register citizens to vote with the Shelby County Election Commission thru State Rep. Attorney Raumesh Akbari assistance. GirlTrek: Memphis is growing and being visual, as well as, Girl Trek: Nationally. If you do not have a walking team in your community, GirlTrek would be glad for you to start one. Ladies let's take care of ourselves. Plus we are stronger in numbers.  I have found out just by walking we are helping others in our community. When women are present in their communities things do change. Our presence is so needed to be out walking, observing, and serving with a vengeance in our neighborhoods. Remember historically when we walked things have changed, as well as, your body improves in health. Lord E D dum dum time to go. Check back on us at N-TouchNews ... Living Large LeNiece! Here is my link to join or inquire about GirlTrek (a nonprofit organization)  http://www.girltrek.org/?recruiter_id=120645

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| 1112 views | September, 21st, 2016
LeNiece Woods

LeNiece is a retired elementary teacher from the Memphis School System. She has been blogging since 2014 on social, political and cultural issues. 

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