D S I Black Pages Celebrates 25 Years!

D S I Black Pages Celebrates 25 Years! Sheryl Cusseaux

In recognition of our 25th anniversary, we are elated to commemorate this monumental occasion.  One might ask how we persevered in lieu of all of the challenges.  Well, it took YOU, our ADVERTISERS, and CORPORATE PARTNERS!  Words are truly inadequate to express our sincere gratitude for undergirding our vision with your continual support throughout the years particularly those businesses that have been with DSI Black Pages from its inception.  Nonetheless, we still say THANK YOU! It’s been a gratifying journey supporting local businesses in the Bay area. We designed and planned for this 25th Anniversary Edition to be our

DSI.pngBigger – Better – Best

We recognized that our Bigger would not be Better until our Better is our Best! We begin with honoring Tampa Bay’s Business Mainstays with 25 plus years of Business.

Mr. Derrick DeVerger was intentional when he launched the first publication entitled “The Tampa-St. Petersburg Metro Edition.” Clearly, many dynamics including logistics and operational decisions have evolved over the past 25 years which proved to be invaluable.  For instance, we were committed to helping our businesses grow, network, and thrive in their communities.

We conferred with the business owners that were featured on our very first cover page. They are stellar examples of business prowess and full of wisdom overcoming their struggles and reaping successes on their journeys. Congratulations to both Mr. Warren Dawson, Esq. and The Honorable Arthenia Joyner, Esq. on having a school and library, respectively named in their honor. Ms. Theresa Jones and Mr. Gregory Glore have retired and are enjoying retirement with many accolades heaped upon them during their careers. The late Congressman Doug Jamerson, served his constituents well as a public servant, and in 2003, a school was named in his honor. Read about them in our “Then and Now” segment.

In life and in business, a little rain must fall, but the sun does rise in the morning.  Last year, 2017 was one of our most challenging. Our computer system crashed which lost a lot of our data just prior to Hurricane Irma.  Other unforeseen hiccups caused intermittent business interruptions both operationally and production wise. Yes YOU . . . our advertisers were so understanding – and for that, we are grateful.  Thank you again for your patience.

You encouraged us to continue our journey on the road to our 25th year mark!  Well, we’re here.   We have grown from five featured cover guests’ spots to 25 movers and shakers in the Tampa Bay Community today. Look out Tampa Bay – we have three young girls embarking on their own entrepreneurial experiences and all under age 12. Yes, they are “Little Black Girls That Rock.”

When DSI started, we were a very small group of professionals with a vision to provide a publication highlighting and promoting Black-owned businesses in our community in the Bay area. It was important to us to foster a multimedia platform that businesses could leverage,

build, and prosper for years to come.  We pause to salute the work and support of Mrs. Cynthia DeVerger, Mr. Thomas Huggins, Mrs. “Tampa Bay Tammy” Johnson, Mrs. Kay Wells, and many others. We also acknowledge our major corporations investing in the Black community which included: Tampa General Hospital, Hillsborough County School District, Cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg, USF, TECO and Moffitt Cancer Center just to name a few.

Some of our initial supporters that advertised in DSI Black Pages were: The Florida Sentinel, Attitude Plus, Mr. Joe Demoulin, and Books for Thoughts, the late Ms. Felicia Wintons, State Farm Insurance Agents – Mr. William “Bill” Campbell, Ms. Herma White, Mr. Ken Anthony, and others. Throughout the years, we are honored to say it was a collaborative effort of many in developing media exposure to several hundred Black-owned businesses in the Bay area.  We bestow special thanks to our readers, advertisers, corporate partners, and community in supporting DSI Black Pages as our ongoing mission to serve, promote, and collaborate with such great minds and talents in the Tampa Bay area.

Thank You Tampa Bay for 25 Years of Service to our Community!

Mrs. Sherryl Jennings Cusseaux, MBA

Tampa Bay Publisher

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