FL St. Senator Darryl Rouson Conferences Ethnic Media at Poynter Institute

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State Senator Darryl Rouson, through legislative funding, conferenced the Poynter Institute with ethnic media in Florida to collaborate on the future of newspaper.  AMSCOT was also one of the sponsors of this event thanks to Deveron Gibbons, Sr.VP of Public Affairs & Business Development, as well as the University of S. Florida, St. Petersburg.  The event spanned two days at the world renowned Poynter Institute of Journalism in St. Petersburg FL.  The opening night was an introduction by Dr, Benjamin Chavis, President of National Newspaper Publishers Association speaking on 'Who We Are and Why We Are Here'.  Dr. Chavis filled the auditorium with his oratory skills enlightening us all on the importance of the existence of Black media in today's society.  He reminded us that 2018 will be the 50th year of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and that we as a people should be mindful of Dr. Kings legacy.  Dr Chavis concluded by telling ethnic media , "We are the trusted voice".

On day two we started with two of Poynter's best, Rick Edmonds, Media Business Analyst and Kelly McBride, Vice President and a leading voice on media ethics.  Rick spoke on the 5 Basics of Sustainability and Kelly talked about Starting Your Transformation.  Kelly also did a case study on Steps to Sustainability with Janis Ware, Publisher of Atlanta Voice Newspaper.  Janis outlined how she inherited the paper from her father and how the publication has grown to one of Atlanta's leading voice in the community.  Rick's basics included having a (1) strong, fresh editorial mission, (2) think business, (3) print AND digital - not print VS digital, (4) sponsorships and (5) embracing change. While there were a host of other participants in the two day event, the one that stood out with me the most was Ren LaForme, Interactive Learning Producer from Poynter.  Ren covered all things digital.  He introduced to us new and emerging technologies that will enhance our everyday products and helped to explain the functionality of each new product. 

The University of South FL, St. Petersburg through the funding provided by Senator Rouson, is working hand in hand with The Weekly Challenger in archiving their present and past newspaper issues.  As the newspaper approaches its 50th year under Publisher Lyn Johnson, Poynter and USF have partnered to ensure the viability and the sustainability of the paper.  As they develop a template for assisting other publishers in ethnic media, the institute hopes to convene again with publishers and advertisers to assist in what most publishers saw as their biggest impediment for success, equality in the distribution of advertising dollars.

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| 710 views | June, 13th, 2017
Daryl Johnson

Daryl is a retired Plant Mgr from USPS. He has published N-TOUCH News since 1996 and is CEO of Intercultural Communications, Inc.  Husband to Tampa Bay Tammy & proud father of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son (deceased)

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