It's Official, JayZ and Beyonce' are a Billionaire Couple

Forbes just released its list of America’s Wealthiest Self-Made Women, and with Beyoncé on the list, her combined personal fortune and Jay Z’s has officially put the power couple over the edge to becoming a billion-dollar couple.

Beyoncé’s personal fortune has been valued at $350 million, and with Jay Z on the list of hip-hop’s richest at $810 million, that means the two of them combined have passed the billion dollar mark. Specifically, they are worth $1.16 billion together, and growing.

If you ask Beyoncé how she and Jay Z were able to get to this point, she will tell you that the answer is simple: she puts in the work to get there.

“I’m never satisfied,” she once told Forbes. “I’ve never met anyone that works harder than me in my industry.”

Of course, it also helps that Jay Z just last week signed a $200 million deal with Live Nation, and he has a big slate of live performances scheduled ahead of him.

“This renewed partnership is a testament to our longstanding relationship and the talented individuals at Live Nation,” Jay Z said in a statement at the time the deal was made. “For the next ten years, we will continue redefining the live event landscape.”


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| 184 views | May, 18th, 2017
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