Moffit Cancer Center Nurse Serving The Community

Shantwan “Buffy” Allen a Registered Nurse  working as a Blood Marrow Transplant Coordinator at Moffit Cancer Center hosted a Health Awareness Luncheon at the Olive Garden on Busch Blvd. in Tampa. The topic of discussion was “Cardio Vascular Disease and the Disproportional Rate It Affects African American Women over 50.”

After the presentation, while lunch was being served, the ladies shared information about themselves and their roles in the community. Surprisingly, Buffy treated everyone to the lunch of their choice. After lunch, all of her guest were given a blood pressure wrist monitor. What a great gift! It was something I truly wanted and needed.
Buffy is the daughter of Alicia Satchel and Walter Moore. She is the wife and better half of Calvin Allen. Buffy is the mother of 5 and has practiced nursing for over 17 years. Buffy graduated December 17, 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. ThanksBuffy and Congratulations on a job well done!

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| 736 views | December, 22nd, 2016
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