My Gorgeous Granny Report

      I blogged earlier in the year that I have twin granddaughters. Now, they are almost 6 months old. Which is really like 5 months because they were premature. Just to give my readers an update, they are progressing just fine. Jabari is noticeably bigger than Talayja. They are raising up when placed on their stomachs. They follow you are the room with their heads and eyes. They laugh and amused  at singing and dancing. The look at you when you call their names. As well as, doing an ok job of holding  bottles. When I ask them to do something if one do not try to do it ...I remind them that their other sister did it. Then they try to do it also. Like raise your hands.
     I love taking pictures with them along with matching whatever color I dress them. We go on walks in their twin stroller around my neighborhood. They love to blow spit bubbles and watch children tv shows. I read to them and practice exercising their leg and arms.
    For the most part, they only cry when they are hungry or need to burp up their milk. I can not wait til they can eat baby food and drink less milk. I feel they love me and they know I love them. I would like to say, "They are the best part of my life". Being a GG "Gorgeous Granny" is so fufilling. Lord E D dum dum time to shift. Be sure to check on  me right here at N- TouchNews... Where everybody is a star...Living Large LeNiece..

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| 846 views | September, 21st, 2016
LeNiece Woods

LeNiece is a retired elementary teacher from the Memphis School System. She has been blogging since 2014 on social, political and cultural issues. 

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