Nelly... 99 Years Young, A Reason to Celebrate!

Friends family and out of town guest gathered in the lovely home of Ketley Theodate to celebrate the birthday of Nelly Theodate. Born and raised in Haiti, Nelly married her first love, Antonio Theodate and relocated to New York City. From this union came 6 children;. 5 girls and 1 boy. Carol Hernandez, Marie Bordeaou, Ketley Zimmering, Mimi Madison, Nancy Theodate and Tony Theodate. After the death of her husband, when all the children were grown, Nelly sold her home in Queens, New York leaving a host of influential friends and relocated to Tampa Bay.
Nelly has always been a good and considerate mother, she took her profits and shared it with all her children to insure they all had a great start. She gave them each $30 thousand to purchase their homes. The children all settled near each other in Plantation which was the new growing subdivision in North Tampa at that time.
I met the family through her middle daughter, Mimi Madison, of Mimi’s House of Beauty. Mimi was known for her silky flowing hair styles and was the stylist to the Black Buccaneers’ wives of Carollwood in late 80 and early 90s. Her sister Ketley one of the first Black flight attendants for Pan Am and Nancy the natural hair specialist later joined Mimi in her salon and made it a family affair and we have been friends ever since.
. I’m a strong believer that the quality of a child’s life is a reflection of their parents, and the quality of an older parents life is a reflection of her adult children. It is evident the Thoedate children take very good care of their mother Happy Birthday Nelly Theodate, we are looking forward to the 100th Celebration!

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| 796 views | January, 23rd, 2017
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