Single and Satisfied for Now

Dear Girlfriend,

 I am single and I love Thanksgiving with my family but I hate it when the older men and women start asking me when I am getting married.  Believe me, I would love to have a husband but I don’t have anyone that I am serious about at this time.  Don’t they know if I had a man he would be with me at Thanksgiving and or Christmas dinner.  Please tell the older family members that they ruin our good time when they come with those questions in front of everyone, reminding us what we don’t have.  These type conversations are what make the single women not want to come around. I know you can handle this for me.       Single and Satisfied for Now

Dear Single and Satisfied for Now,

First let me apologize because I  am guilty of always asking those questions. However I will be more considerate and not be asking in front of others.  Now I will still be asking in private because I am always meeting people and I hook people up all the time and   I may just have the hook up for them. I usually ask the young men because I want them to know we expect them to select a mate and be a productive citizen not tapping everyones’ daughter and making babies without commitment.  More than anything I want them to realize we believe in them, we care about them and wish for a helpmate in their lives. Know that when you do bring that boyfriend around they are going to ask him some questions too.  Be alright with it because if your family does not, they are failing you as your Matriarchs and Patriarchs. No one rises to low expectations...especially boyfriends. Thank God you have a family that cares.

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| 439 views | December, 15th, 2017
Tampa Bay Tammy

Tampa Bay Tammy is COO of N-TOUCH News. She gives advice through her column Dear Girlfriend to entertain and enlighten her readers from near and far. 

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