Statement on the Passage of Changes to Stand Your Ground Florida Legislation

Statement on the Passage of Changes to Stand Your Ground Florida Legislation huffington post

We are disappointed that the Florida Legislature passed unnecessary and counterproductive changes to the Stand Your Ground legislation on Friday.  As my fellow State Attorneys and I conveyed to our elected representatives, this new legislation will make our communities less safe and disrupt our criminal justice system while doing nothing to protect those who legally own guns.   Although we appreciate that the Legislature listened to us in amending the bill to include a lower burden of proof for prosecutors to bring charges against violent offenders, the fact remains that the new law will make it harder to prosecute violent crime and take law enforcement officers off of the street.  Additionally, the Legislature has wrongly claimed that this bill would have zero cost to taxpayers despite undisputed evidence that this bill could impact up to 75,000 cases per year, at a potential cost of tens of millions of dollars, $3 million alone in Hillsborough County.  We hope that the Governor places public safety above partisan rhetoric and vetoes this irresponsible legislation.

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| 188 views | May, 8th, 2017
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