Tampa Alumni Kappa's Golf Tournament


The mighty men of Kappa Alpha Psi, Tampa Alumni Chapter put on a fantastic golf tournament at Rogers Park Golf Course.  The day was perfect for golfing and it was their largest tournament yet, almost 90 golfers participated in the fund raising event for the fraternity's Guide Right Foundation.  The Guide Right Foundation is set up to assist young men in Tampa achieve their dreams.  guide_right_young_men1.jpg

Several young men that are a part of the program were there to assist the fraternity in facilitating the event.  They mixed and mingled with their mentors and met with other men and women of the golfing community.  Robert Irvin, Polemarch of the fraternity was quite pleased with the committee chairs; Dr. James Brookins and Allen Thompson who spearheaded the event.  Irvine sent out a special thanks to the 'Silhouettes' that assisted the brothers in the registration and 19th green process.  For those not familiar with golfing, the 19th green is considered the club house, where food and drinks are served.

While playing the course, the brothers were serviced by Kim and Kim, the dynamic duo that gave out free cigars and free beer, compliments of the fraternity.  kim-and-kim.jpgThere were great tournament door prizes such as a really nice golf bag, gift cards, golf paraphernalia and the like.  Of course there is always someone that seems to win almost everything and there were at least two of them that dominated the gift winning category.  

The winners of the tournament with a score of 56 were, James Lawson, Julian Moore, Vince Worlds and Willie Mack.  Second place winners were, Allen Thompson, Ian Kressler, Jim Boynton and Larry Shipp scoring a 58 and finally the 3rd place winners were rounded out by Bobbie Conovre, James Harold, Jerry Bell and Woodrow Grady with a score of 61.


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| 1315 views | November, 9th, 2016
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