The Links on the Links

The Tampa Chapter of The Links, Inc. had their annual golf tournament on the links at Rogers Park Golf Course in Tampa. Over 30 teams participated in the event and my team scored a 67.  Jerry Bell, LJ Taylor, Kevin House and myself (Daryl Johnson) had a really good performance on the links but not enough to beat the winners of the tournament.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to Links Ruth Bell for her generosity and friendship.  First place tournament winners belonged to Fred Young, James Jackson, Norman Black and Rogier Pearson with a score of 56.  Second place winners were Derrick Gaines, Milt Jenkins, Pete McIntyre and  Tom Forward with a score of 58. Rounding out third place with a score of 60 were Bobby Wilds, Jim Boynton and Sam Hunter, a threesome, LOL, not even a whole team.  Their fourth team member must have been the ghost of Jacob's past, but that's another story.  The Longest Drive went to Pete McIntyre, while the Closet to the Pin went to Mike Watson.

The tournament was filled with the Who's Who in society.  But of course, to be a Link, you must be high society, and quite frankly, there is nothing wrong with that.  What was so inpressive about this golf tournament was it was lavishly done.   Cigars, beer, morning breakfast, coffee, tea and a great lunch afterwards was what the tournament offered.  Above and beyond that, were great friends, big laughter and music filled greens, with the sounds of Al Green, Sam Cooke and Dave Sanbourn.  This tournament was by far the best one I have attended in the past year.  The prizes were first class and the raffle even better.  Big shoutout to Wesley Collins for having won 4 raffled gifts, 3 of which were pulled in a row.  Some of the players asked for a special investigation on how Wesley won the raffled gifts as they were sure that the contest was 'rigged'.  After careful deliberation, we concluded that Wesley must have had the luck of the Irish.  All in all, it was a great day to be on the links at Rogers Park Golf Course.

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| 939 views | March, 5th, 2017
Daryl Johnson

Daryl is a retired Plant Mgr from USPS. He has published N-TOUCH News since 1996 and is CEO of Intercultural Communications, Inc.  Husband to Tampa Bay Tammy & proud father of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son (deceased)

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