The Living Legacy of Dr. Arthur T. Jones


The living legacy of Dr. Arthur T. Jones will forever be enshrined at Bible Based Fellowship Church but it is also forever enshrined at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Thanks to the largest donation of an African American individual or family to Moffitt Cancer Center, First Lady, ex-officio, Doris Jones, the widow of Dr. Arthur T. Jones, has cemented his legacy at the hospital with a monetary gift of $500,000.  This week the family made the first of 5 payments to Moffitt in the amount of $100,000.  Sister Doris Jones, in her quiet strength, has seen the who, what, when, where, how and why of cancer so by collaborating with Dr. Chuck Wilson, her son-in-law, they have developed The Wilson-Jones Initiative.  

The Wilson-Jones Initiative continues cancer awareness, support research and provide opportunities in health careers as noted in their brochure.  In July, the Renew Group, an organization headed up by Dr. Chuck Wilson and Dr. Sheila Simmons-Tribble conducted a listening campaign at Moffitt's Center.  Several members of the community were invited out to hear from Moffitt's Sr. Diversity Director,Cathy Grant, Valerie Goddard and members of the Jones Family.  Dr. Wilson shared with the group what the collaboration of the Wilson Jones Initiative would entail.  The Renew Group administers several summits a year, and recently they took a group of students to Cape Canaveral as part of their collaboration with NASA in getting children involved with S.T.E.A.M.  Go to their website for additional information on the many programs they offer.  

The donation by the Jones Famliy will assist Moffitt Diversity, programs offered by the hospital, such as the George Edgecomb Society and many more. “We are grateful to Dr. Wilson for designing this concept, and to the generosity and vision of the Wilson and Jones families to use their gift and initiatives to battle cancer, support research and provide opportunities in health careers,” said B. Lee Green, Ph.D., vice president of Diversity, Public Relations and Strategic Communications.  “We feel very fortunate to accept this gift and continue to honor the name and legacy of the Rev. Arthur T. Jones.”

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