Three Fifths of The Fourth

Three Fifths of The Fourth


If there is anything we all ought to be doing on this day and Everyday, it is taking inventory of our freedoms. Freedom is what gives one Independence… independence in turn lends itself to risk; and the basic nature of risk is that it comes with a warning: Things May Not Work Out Quite As Intended. Most of us accept that even as the “not work out quite as intended” part often appears to be weighted disproportionally. It’s ok or cool to recognize The Fourth of July… for what it is. A day off work and a chance to chill, cook-out, enjoy being with family and friends… just so long as you recognize there is still SO much work yet to be done in our ascension toward full freedom. Full independence, beyond Cinco de Mayo, beyond Juneteenth… beyond The 4th of July. Sadly there exists in our society still, an element that seeks to further estrange us, build a wall between us and further segment the populace. And some recent political events have emboldened a hate-filled fringe to act on their wishes to Make America Hate Again…or some more… and without cessation or fail. The head of The NRA believes that “soon we will be allowed to own colored people again”. You see what is missing here, aside from basic common-sense or any inkling of human decency, is a simple understanding of societal engineering. These folks don’t get that in order to control or restrict any people or any-thing requires effort; and that is effort or industry not being directed as they should be, toward the exploits of a so-called Great Society. In short- you can’t do your best work while putting forth the resources it requires to hold anybody back. 

And so we owe it to ourselves and to all others, both friend and foe alike to give them a new understanding… if you’re thinking about stopping me on my journey along the highway to happiness and fulfillment—don’t waste your time, it ain’t happening, move-over Brother-Trucker, cause I’m coming thru. That is how I roll… with you… around you… or over you… your choice. And before I’ll be a slave, there’ll be a lot more graves. 

And so it is time to stop and take a moment  to reflect… on a day like today, a day off from work and in between whatever is your mode of ‘celebration’, and dedicate ourselves to start over again, re-double our efforts to be women and men, exemplary of our heritage and deserving of our future of full citizenship. That is our goal—that is our challenge—that is our destiny. But as for today.

We Are Not Independent… Because We Are Not Yet Free.

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| 561 views | July, 5th, 2017

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