Winky Wright's Florida Boxing Hall of Fame Celebration


By J.Jonathan Means:


Special VIP guests of JMB Entertainment & Sports and the former Junior Middle Weight Boxing World Champ, Winky Wright, were invited to a black tie affair at Eddie V's in Tampa FL.  The Champ was recently inducted into the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame as his peers voted to honor his legacy.  Winky was joined by family and friends to celebrate his many milestone achievements.  

Wright began competing in 1990 - right here in the Bay Area – St. Petersburg Florida to be exact.

After his second-round knockout of Carlos Santana on July 30, 1992, in St. Petersburg, Florida, the ring announcer called him "Winky" Wright, a name given to him by his grandmother when he was 6 months old and it stuck with him for the rest of his career. Wright continued winning during the all-world junior middleweight champion's International Period, a 5 1/2-year span of 20 fights in eight countries and three continents.

In March 2004, In Las Vegas, Wright got the big break he needed when he beat Sugar Shane Mosley, who had won two of the other major belts in the division and a previous fight against Oscar De La Hoya. Wright. Winky win against Shane Mosley in a unanimous decision led him to become the first undisputed 154-pound champion in 29 years. Mosley invoked his right to an immediate rematch and lost a majority decision in November 2004, cementing Wright's place among boxing's elite.

Wright's dominance over such a highly regarded opponent led to many placing him among the top two pound-for-pound boxers in the world, just behind Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He became a two-time light middleweight world champion and remains the last to hold the undisputed title at that weight.

A favorite in the hip hop/pop culture community, Wright has appeared in music videos for Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, and Jamie Foxx. He also appeared in films along-side Kanye West in “State Property 2”, a film produced by Jay-Z, along with Dame Dash and Beanie Sigel. He even owned a record company “pound 4 pound records” signing hip-hop artists and a rock-n-roll band.

Not only has he become a boxing legend, record label owner, or music video vixen; throughout his career, he has entered ventures and endorsements with high-powered brands such as Reebok, Vitamin Water, Rocca Wear and 2(x)ist men’s underwear brand among many others. Through these partnerships, Wright has appeared in television commercials, ad campaigns around New York City, and in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, VIBE and VIBE Vixen magazines.

His humanitarian works included meaningful partnerships as a board member for the Urban Youth Racing School - a program which gives African-American teenagers the opportunity to pursue their dreams as NASCAR drivers. And most recently, partnered with Project LINK to recognize academic excellence for high school student athletes planning to pursue a baccalaureate degree at an accredited four-year college, university or military academy in the U.S.

The Winky Wright Scholarship is open to student Athletes who graduate from Pinellas and Hillsborough County public high schools. So, if we have any philanthropist in the room tonight – it’s okay to write a check too. – but first- have a few drinks.

Since announcing his retirement from boxing in 2012. He’s become a favorite on the golf course, traveling all over the country challenging celebrity A-list friends such as George Lopez, Gary Sheffield, Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Derek Jeter, Cedric The Entertainer, Chris Tucker – just to name a few. But We won’t talk about how much money he has won or lost. All I can say is, he does a lot of trash talking and is changing the way the game of golf is played on the course. And yet, the humblest & polite person u could ever get to know. By the way, Winky is filming a Reality TV show titled “ It’s Only Wright” that’s going to give you insight on all those golf course antics, so be on the lookout on a network coming soon.

Winky Wright, the retired boxing champ, celebrity golfer, family man, and humanitarian has received a well-deserved honor in becoming one of Florida’s Boxing Hall of Fame legends.

Winky summed it up best when he once said:

“"I accomplished a lot. I want to be true to my fans. I don't want to be fighting just to be fighting. I don't need that. I got money, but if I can't be champion again, I'll do something else. I'm retiring from the ring. The ring didn't retire me.”

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