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Wrap-A-Loc is a hair styling tool- - and technique—that create s tight spiral curls on all hair textures. The tool can be worn in the hair as a style and when removed curls blossom. Wrap-A-Loc can be applied by the individual or a stylist. It also can uniquely be worn while swimming This amazing tool has revolutionized curling and styling Locs and natural hair.  sonya manuyear2018Sister Nandi is the creator of the hair styling tool Wrap-a-loc and she is married to Glenn Gilkey.  The couple currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia  but met, worked, and had their three sons in Tampa. Glenn and Sonya Gilkey recently returned to Tampa to celebrate their 24th Wedding Anniversary, with family and friends. Back in the day, Glenn worked as a student advisor and counselor at the University of South Florida. Sonya worked for several media outlets in the Bay Area including channel 8 Tv, before transferring with Delta Airlines to Atlanta.

The power couple was named 2018 Manufacturer of the Year by the Beauty Supply Institute for there world renowned hair product Wrap-A-Loc, the Dual Hair Styling Tool, for which they are the inventors and patent holders. The product has been featured in Essence magazine, and globally in Black Beauty Magazine London, televised in Canada on the Planet Africa Show, and on radio in the island of Anguilla. 

The Gilkey’s heartfelt relationships with the Bay Area is evidenced by them continuing to come back and share special moments, experiences and events with all the community including dear friends and media moguls Daryl and Tampa Bay Tammy Johnson of N-TOUCH News.

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