Oregon standoff or white privilege? Published January 21, 2016

It’s been several weeks and the Oregon Standoff continues to be in the back shadows of media rooms, last column, 3rd story down, scroll to the bottom page type story. A bunch of white guys with rifles and guns take…

Intelligent, Effective, President Obama Published January 21, 2016

I enjoyed listening to the President deliver his final State of the Union speech as I believe most loyal Americans did. Let’s face it, he’s just a great orator. Ironically, when I listen to my Republican friends talk about what…

Black, Brown, College Bound - The story behind the summitt Published January 19, 2016

In 2006, Hillsborough Community College met the goal of reflecting the county’s population distribution in its student enrollment; however, the institution still faced the challenge of, as most institutions, a lack of student success in the areas of persistence, retention…

First Year St. Jude Hero Published January 19, 2016

First Year St. Jude Hero!!! I woke up at 5:00 a.m., got dressed, and excitedly drove to my 10th St. Jude Half Marathon Race!!! I walked down to the VIP section, which I earned from raising $1,145.00 for St. Jude.…

Sligh Middle School, making good boys better Published January 10, 2016

I visited Sligh Elementary with my wife, Tampa Bay Tammy during the Great American Teach In in Hillsborough County. We went as a team. We were scheduled late in the day. 3:30 to be exact. We wondered why class was…

Evan Ross Tells The Best Michael Jackson Story Ever Published July 25, 2015

Brittany Lewis sits down with Evan Ross to discuss his new single "How To Live Alone," marriage to Ashlee Simpson, his mother Diana Ross, mentorship from Dallas Austin, and shares the best Michael Jackson story of all time.
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