Toastmasters, Talk of the Town in Tampa Published July 22, 2017

Join Toastmasters at 5508. Located on 50th street. Listen to the video to get additional info.

National American Miss Pageant Published July 22, 2017

Little Miss Blaylin Blalock, daughter of Power Couple 2015 Robert and Michelle Blalock, will represent Tampa Florida as a State Finalist in the National American Miss Pageant in Orlando, Florida. Blaylin is 7 years old and attends Roland Park K-8…

Building Integrity Through Athletics Published July 21, 2017

HELP these young students get to the National Junior Olympics Championship in Detroit Michigan, June 29th through August 5th. They are traveling the old fashion way, six deep in a car. Send your monetary donations to BITA - Building…

Naturals Night Out Published July 20, 2017

Naturals Night Out - Paint, Sip, and Chat Edition is an evening designed for naturals to unwind, share laughs and positive vibes over wine or beverages, painting, and chatting about natural hair concerns and trends.'

Stakeholders Work Together for Juvenile Justice Reform Published July 20, 2017

Tampa, Florida – On July 20, 2017, State Attorney Andrew Warren announced at a press conference that Hillsborough County has taken a major step forward in advancing necessary reforms within the juvenile justice system. Various criminal justice partners have agreed…

Generation Hex Published July 10, 2017

True story… just the other day. I go into one of my all-time favorite off-price stores and there’s a sale going on (isn’t there always). So I Grab a tee-shirt- marked down… still too much, but its designer, kinda fly—…

John Morgan sues state for blocking the smoking of medical marijuana Published July 8, 2017

TALLAHASSEE: Arguing that Florida legislators violated voters’ intent when they prohibited smoking for the medical use of marijuana, the author of the state’s medical marijuana amendment sued the state Thursday to throw out the implementing law. John Morgan, the Orlando…

Three Fifths of The Fourth Published July 5, 2017

If there is anything we all ought to be doing on this day and Everyday, it is taking inventory of our freedoms. Freedom is what gives one Independence… independence in turn lends itself to risk; and the basic nature of…

Tampa Bay B.B.I.C. Big on Business Published June 30, 2017

 The new and improved Tampa Bay BBIC is leading the way in reshaping the business landscape in the bay area. Albert Lee, president of the organization is spearheading a movement like none other with business mixers. He has rebuilt the…

The Erasure of Black Girls Childhood Published June 30, 2017


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