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Dear Girlfriend,

 I have a car but my insurance has expired and I can’t get my new registration without proof of insurance. However, I should be able to rectify this problem next month. Well the good news is I won some tickets from the radio station for an upcoming concert. I would like to take this young lady that works down the hall from me. 

I attend HCC and I think she does too because I have seen her on campus a few times at a distance. I don’t even think she knows I’m interested because we have never spoken to each other.  My question is “should I ask her out for a date, knowing I don’t have any transportation right now? Should I wait to I have it all together?  Will she think I am a loser?  Would you date a guy without a ride?

Dating Dude 


Dear Dating Dude,

When I was in college, I dated a guy without a car and I remember we went to the Ebony Fashion Fair and I drove. However, he did buy my gas. I gave him a chance because I liked the way he looked, dressed, and spoke. In my mind he wasn’t a loser because he was in college and had his own apartment with a room mate. But, I was ashamed to be driving him around. My dad raised us that it was not proper to be picking up a dude. All the boys I knew either had a hoopty (beat up car) or their parents older cars. So, I didn’t like it a bit. As time progressed, I did not hear him talking about how he was working towards getting a car so I could not respect him.  In my opinion he could not seem to get it together so I kept it moving.

  In today's era of Uber and lyft, and mass transportation dating without a car is not an issue. Dating by Train and bus is how they grew up in large northern cities and on the east coast. Growing up in the south & dating was different but all that is changing too.  You can get away with not having a car but if she drives, you are expected to purchase the gas for her car. Furthermore if you began to ride with her daily, you will  be expected to pay for an oil change or two, so collect some coupons.  If the relationship continues you will find yourself expected to buy tires too.  I’m just saying it takes all that to keep a car rolling but you already know all that because you have one yourself. 

   If a good girl likes you, she will tolerate you not having it all together for a minute but you should appear to be moving forward. If you don’t get it together after a while, I am sure she will lose respect for you as I did for him.   Especially if all the other guys she knows has rides and if she is holding her stuff down. so the best policy is to be up front with your situation, goals and aspirations.

My advice to you is, “ Ask her out!”  The worst thing that can happen is she says no.  Then you will still go and you will know to not waste your time pursuing her. However, if she says Yes, Get an Uber and show her a good time and let your swag carry you.   A lot of people take Uber so they can drink with out worrying about catching a DUI charge. Go for it and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about what can go wrong, be Bold and be prepared for what may go right. Hey!!!!!

Tampa Bay Tammy

Radio and TV Personality Tampa Bay Tammy, Advice Columnist Dear Girlfriend. COO of N-Touch News. Studied Sociology at University of South Florida Studied Elementary Education at University of Memphis
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