Dried Up

Dear Girlfriend,
I believe my husband loves me and I would like to think we have a great marriage but I am not really sure anymore. The regularity of our intimacy has totally fallen off and when we are intimate, things, don’t seem to last to completion most times. Also since my hysterectomy, I haven’t been as interested or sexually aggressive as I used to be. I have to do too much work to get him ready and half the time I am not even interested.
A girlfriend told me, you and your husband were on WTMP talking about an all natural pill for men and one for women. Will you please tell me how and where I can get them and how much they cost. Our anniversary is coming up and we have booked a 3 day cruise and I want it to be great. I am 47 and he is 51. We always attend the Power Couples Ball. So I know we are too young to be acting like this. I miss our intimacy but cant seem to make myself do any thing about it. I know this is a problem. Please send the information.
Dried Up


Dear Dried Up,

You are right, that is too young. My husband is 60 and we still experience regular intimacy. However, I have heard that a hysterectomy sometimes causes dryness and lack of interest. I do believe most couples’ problems are attributed to lack of foreplay and/or lack of exercise. Exercise promotes good blood flow and that’s necessary for men to be strong in bed. For a healthy sex life you two should work out together; whether it’s evening walks, weekend dancing, riding a bike or jumping a rope... do something! An increase in activity usually stimulates an increase in sexual desires. I also believe that God wants to be included in all things. I ask God to allow me to forever be able to satisfy my husband and I always thank God after intimacy. You should too.
However, there is a pill we have been introduced to and decided to sell .I don’t think it’s something you will need often, since both of you are healthy. You may need yours more than him, since you had a hysterectomy. Hopefully, the pills will help, since you have found yourselves in a sexual rut. I think every older married couples should keep them in their bedroom just in case you need to jump start things. Every now and then the pump needs priming. I haven’t tried the pill for women so let me know how it works for you. We have tried Strike Up for men and were pleased. So give me a call directly to purchase one for $15 or a package of 6 for $60. 

Tampa Bay Tammy

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