Still Single

Dear Girlfriend,

I am your FB friend and I listen to your radio show when I can. You recently made a post that stated “A lot of women can pull a man but can’t seem to keep one. They just can’t seem to seal the deal. Men please tell me what turns you off or what stopped you from making her wifey. Complete the sentence, I thought she was it until.....” Will you please share what the men said. I am single and so are my friends I wanted to host this topic at our next gathering.

Still Single


Dear Still Single,

Here it is: “I thought she was it until.....I found out she was still married: 6 months into the relationship and we were talking about moving in and she had not reveal a thing. That was too slick for me.
“I thought she was it until....I smelled her Body Odor: I had been checking her out for months. She was cute, classy, could move (dance) and her friends were classy too. After hanging out in the club, doing breakfast at Waffle House she agreed to go back to my place for more. I kept smelling something. I soon realized it was her. I could not tolerate it.
So ladies if you can’t be fresh, don’t play with these men you barely know. The first impression may be your last impression.
“I thought she was it until.....I used her Dirty Bathroom: I went to her home The house was junky but I let that go. But when I went to the bathroom and lifted the commode seat, I was done.
So ladies don’t forget to lift the seat and clean that too. That’s the first thing a man does when he goes (lift the seat).. Always check your bathrooms when you have company, you never know who has been in before them and maybe done some damage and not told you. You don’t wan him to think that’s your normal.
“I thought she was it until.....I found out her hair was Weave: My mom has nice hair, my sisters have nice her, so I automatically assumed that was her hair too. She had ample time to tell me the truth. We had been talking on the phone for a minute. I had even mentioned how pretty her hair was and she continued to perpetuate the false hood. I felt deceived and that she was fake.
“I thought she was it until... I found out she was a material girl, everything she bought had to have a designer name. That was too petty and wasteful especially sine she was always struggling with her car note and rent.
“I thought she was it until.... She met my classmates and how Bad her Attitude was when it came to other women. I knew she talked about her friends but she knew them. After she met mine and did the same thing I knew it was her with the problem.
“I thought she was it until....I found out she didn’t cook and couldn’t cook anything, She wanted to eat out everyday. That will not work for me.
“I thought she was it until....I realized she was always looking for a handout: She wouldn’t keep a job and always expecting someone to give her something for free. She was always talking about suing. I have a distaste in my mouth for freeloaders. After she had a fender bender in her car and nothing was wrong with her and then she claimed she couldn’t go to work, it would mess up her lawsuit, I had to let her go.
“I thought she was it until....I took her to real nice affair and she talked about everyone instead of focusing on us and enjoying ourselves.
Some of you are going to grow old all by your damn selves if you don’t change your negative ways. You sit back and look to pick everything and everyone apart. You don’t participate, you don’t dance, you don’t smile, instead you criticize. No one is going to want to be around you. Some of you are just too damn lazy. You have got to cook and clean. Then others bore the hell out of everyone and only show up to see ...not to enjoy or help. Check yourself!

Tampa Bay Tammy

Radio and TV Personality Tampa Bay Tammy, Advice Columnist Dear Girlfriend. COO of N-Touch News. Studied Sociology at University of South Florida Studied Elementary Education at University of Memphis
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