Flirting In Florida

Flirting In Florida


Dear Girlfriend, 

We don’t get out much anymore. Between work, children, household duties  and/or I just don’t be wanting to waste my money like that, its been a little boring. Furthermore my husbands works the evening shift and I discovered many years ago, I have more fun when I have my own man with me.   However, if’ there’s a birthday party, reception  or an alumni greek party we are there!   If there’s a cookout, we are on the scene with a dish or bottle in hand (we contribute). That’s how we roll. Also, if there’s an event, and I really want to attend and he cant go, “one monkey don’t stop the show.”  Neither of us are jealous or possessive like that. In the last few years, my husband and I maybe been to a club maybe 3 times. However, when I do get out with my girls for girls night out.... I like to flirt and I truly enjoy myself.   I like to pick the riches unaccompanied man in the room and reel him in to my group of ladies.  All my girlfriends are cute, fine or just badd.  That way we have a goodtime without financial stress and every one is happy.  Since I’m one of  the married ones in the group, I can do the talking without threat. Besides  I got the gift of gab.  I see it as I get to play without getting in trouble. 

  Here’s the problem.  My best friend’s younger brother saw us out one night and told me I was wrong for that. I said “no harm no foul.”  He said “I was fishing.” I said, “I was throwing them back” or “throwing them to my girl friends but I wasn’t keeping them.” Truthfully I am very happily married. What do you say?  Am I wrong for that?                 Flirting in Florida


Dear Flirting in Florida, 

   Just when we think we have life all figured out, we see another point of view and have to change our ways. Dang! lol. Your best friend’s brother told you right. You are out of order. Thank God someone told you the truthbefore an episode. You seem to have a good marriage. Lets keep it like that. 

   Your husband would be very hurt and embarrassed if he saw you flirting with a wealthy man. Less things have driven men to do deadly things.  Seeing you or getting a negative report about his wife could be so intimidating just as it would be for you if you were to see or hear of your husband flirting with a woman as cute as you....even if there was no follow through.  The Bible says, We must “avoid the very appearance of evil.” 

   As married women, we must live with vigor and considerable grace.  Vigor as to not bore our husband to death and considerable grace as to not hurt, embarrass or emasculate him. So put all that vivacious energy and charm into wooing your husband and making your children confident.

   As far as considering going out as a waste of money, don’t get so caught up into buying stuff and paying bills that you neglect to enjoy your spouse in the same way you enjoy the rich men you seek out in the club.  I’m sure you have responsibilities for your money, so choose your nights out well and make them an investment in your marriage when you do. 

   I believe the saying, “Life is not a destination, it’s a journey”  Your journey should be full of zest, love, charity, and forgiveness.  There will be pot holes on your road that will leave you deflated along the journey and you will need those fun, sweet memories to sustain you and keep you rolling smoothly.  There are rarely do overs, so give it your best the first time around, living joyfully but not foolishly. 

    You sound like the leader of your crew and as a leader you must  be very careful not to lead anyone astray. I too have been a fun loving flirt. Even though you are not always in the eyesight of your husband, you are always in the presence of the Lord.  Sometimes things will happen in life opening your eyes to your actions giving you a chance to slow down and check yourself. We all fall short but when we know better we do better. So do better! 

  Since you like to talk, lets see if you really do have the gift of gab.  We are looking for someone that’s classy and can hold some rich men attention lol. Visit me at the station and let’s see if you can flow with DR. V, Chocolita and Me, Tampa Bay Tammy.  Looking forward to meeting you in person. Hopefully I will see you at the best date night ever. The Power Couples Ball 2019!!

Tampa Bay Tammy

Radio and TV Personality Tampa Bay Tammy, Advice Columnist Dear Girlfriend. COO of N-Touch News. Studied Sociology at University of South Florida Studied Elementary Education at University of Memphis
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