52 Pick-up

52 Pick-up

A lot of people will see this and immediately dismiss it. They prefer to in effect ‘kill the messenger’ because of who she is and has represented for so long. Not me. I like to look at the big picture, and from what I can tell from this, it is apparent that Omarosa Mannigault Newman is a reflection of the culture and character that this administration embodies and cultivates. An administration constructed like some pathetic House of Cards; so much of it run like a parlor game, paper thin and hopelessly fragile. Queen of SpadeThink what you will of OMN, I happen to have several different impressions of her. But one of the most striking is that of a fighter who has learned the hard way how to survive. Yes, she is a player. And if this were a card-game, Omarosa looks like the one who, when it comes down to a crucial play, can stick her finger in her mouth, then wet the back of a card and stick it to her forehead for all to see. She has essentially told The Donald here, “if you wanna play Spades- and me like one, I can change the game… and I—Do—De-Clare—WAR"!

In that way Omarosa has truly proven to be an innovator, having figured out a way to actually cut the 'Trump-Card'. And now all those lessons learned from coming up out of ‘the projects’ can work in her favor. From covering her own back, to holding her hand close to her chest, to talking across the table. This is her third book, but I can already see a fourth—"The Art of the Deal 2.0"; telling the story her way. And from her own ‘special-circumstance’ perspective which suggests, that the true “art of the deal” is that you have to shuffle first.

Andre' Jackson

Andre Jackson has been writing as a columnist for N-TOUCH News for the past 15 years. He is a retired Station Manager from Federal Express in Houston TX.
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