Celebrating Life and Love with The Bythewoods

What a blessing the Bythewoods have been in our lives.  Dr. Craig Bythewood was part of the village at Bible Based.  We are sincerely grateful for the role he played. As a matter of fact, I even think he wrote a letter of recommendation for one of our children to go to college. One year when we announced that we were hosting our Power Couples Ball, the Bythewoods were the first ones to write the check, not just for one, but for two tables. That gave us the confidence to go full speed ahead.

 This past weekend  was an opportunity for us to show our gratitude and to join in their birthday celebrations and so we did. Family and friends joined Dr. Craig and Lisa Bythewood for her 50th and his 51st Birthday Ball at the Chic Venue on Fletcher in Tampa. It was fabulous to say the least. The invitation itself was a black satin box that immediately shouted, I’M PRETTY and IMPORTANT, OPEN ME!!!  So of course, I went to show my wife, Tampa Bay Tammy. I asked, “who do you think this is, sending such a fancy box.”  Her reply was “I don’t know, open it up and let’s see!”

   The satin box opened to a clear engraved invitation to VIPs.  Ah shucks now, it was as if we had been invited to the King’s Ball.  

   When we arrived to the venue it was adorned in white draped lace and sparkling lights.  We were served champagne and hor’s d’oeuvres in the courtyard and then lead into venue as we waited for the dashing power couple to arrive.

   And Arrive they did!   Dr. Craig came in with a gold and White sequin dinner jacket and his  Kappa Kane, all I could say was “go Nupe.”  He did every dance imaginable and even hit a split. He took us strolling down memory lane, remembering how it was but thanking God for how it is.  Then his lovely Queen, Mrs. Lisa Bythewood strolls in from another door, catching us all off guard wearing matching gold and sequin pants fitting all her curves. I must say she was bad  Like an angel with wings, the queen floated across the floor to meet her King and her song was “I  don’t dance, I make money moves.” After a routine together  the ball officially begun.   

   How one celebrates their life and love says a lot about who they are.  Well the Bythewoods of Tampa Florida did it fabulously. Tammy and I felt honored to be on the guest list.    

   The Bythewoods have known each other since teens as they both went to Jefferson High School in Tampa although he was a year ahead of her.  He matriculated on to Howard University and continued on to get his PHD in Finance at the University of South Florida.  They have seven children between the two of them along with five grandchildren.  They are active in the community and are great parents to the nest.  Congratulations and Happy Birthday to such a great Power Couple.

 FYI: The Power Couples Ball is Saturday, September 29th 2018 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa.

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