From Russia With Venom

From Russia With Venom

"Africa is just a cemetery for Africans" photo:USNI, US Naval Institute

"Africa is just a cemetery for Africans" - Vladmir Putin  

When I first heard about and then read about this, I was furious. Who the #@$% is he to have anything to say about Africa?! Stay over there and keep trying to reunite your little oppressive confab. Go hack into another country's computer system or poison another journalist why doncha?! A little 'spy who stayed out in the cold' mutha-%$#@...! I mean... I was pissed! 

Then I read it again... rationally this time. And this time I examined every word he said … in context. And here is what I think happens a lot. Either we totally reject a logical truth, purely based on who the messenger is because we dislike the person... or-- we buy into an argument we've not considered before simply because it bears some elements of the truth as we have come to know it.

Bottom line here, this is something of an over-simplification delivered by someone who doesn't have Africa's best interest at heart in the first place. But it also isn't altogether untrue either. And that's a problem. Both for Africa and African-Americans as well. We havta check ourselves. As the first step to fixing any problem is to recognize that there is a problem. Something to think about. So here's what to do... on the flight over to South Beach, while enjoying that bowl of shark-fin soup, reach into your Louis Vuitton bag and pull out your Mont Blanc pen and take note. Note to self: Develop a market-place and an economy that allows you to spend your money with people who look like you... at least Some of the time.

Andre' Jackson

Andre Jackson has been writing as a columnist for N-TOUCH News for the past 15 years. He is a retired Station Manager from Federal Express in Houston TX.
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