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GirlTrek, a national walking movement for Black women, has provided a space for me to express myself in ways I wanted to in my community. It's components are so broad in it's spectrum that I can explore various parts of me with this movement. Basically, you just walk 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day for self healing. However, it offers more for you to do, depending on the person by getting involved locally and nationally. 

I originally joined Girltrek because they inspire Black women to acknowledge famous activist of our past. I am in love with Ida B. Wells and her contribution to revolutionize America by helping to stop the lynchings. GirlTrek mentioned being an activist and walking and I felt that both factors are important parts of my life.  I was inspired to join. It was during election time, so registering people to vote was one of the many activities happening for that month. From that moment forward GirlTrek has been able to fulfill my desire to be a part of something great. I participated in the various monthly activities and events to help women and girls maintain an interest in walking for self care. GirlTrek suggests motivational affirmations and more to stay engaged with self care. GirlTrek often times gives incentives and shout outs to keep us walking and providing sisterhood opportunities throughout the USA.  

Recently, I attended an event when the National Team walked 100 miles in 5 days from the Eastern shores of the DC Area to Wilmington, DE in honor of Harriet Tubman walking the Underground Railroad Trail and freeing slaves. While there, I learned that the Quakers played a profound role in assisting Harriet Tubman in freeing the slaves. I met some liked minded women and created a bond.  I also attended an event with my daughter in Ruleville, Miss. to honor Fannie Lou Hamer's 100th birthday. Both events were so hearfelt and meaningful. I am grateful I attended the events and got to walk and listen to the speeches of the founders, T Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison. They both are are excellent motivational speakers and well informed of our past and what our needs are now.  Now we just need to join in and support the process to heal ourselves. God is involved and wants us to listen to our divine selves and obey. You may join by clicking www.girltrek.org to see how GirlTrek fits within your community.  Donations and volunteerism are also welcome as well.


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