On Wednesday, May 16th, the students of The Walters Academy for Entrepreneurship (The WAE), a private school serving grades 4-12, had their first listening party to release three inspirational songs they produced this school year. A strengths-based, individualized, project-based school of entrepreneurship, one of the projects was the production of a school song (Moving Forward: Our Time), a FOREX tradings song (Traders WAE), and a response to the school shootings (Save Our Children). The students could not have anticipated Friday Friday May 18th’s school shooting in Texas, but their song’s release was timely and delved deeply into their perspectives on the school shootings and how as a society we should address the core issues surrounding the shootings.

Dr. Veronica Walters (Dr. V), Head of School, challenged the students to dig deep into the tragedies of the school shootings and produce a musical response. The challenge resulted in the students having several conversations about the causes of school shootings, gun control, and possible solutions. The students produced a song with verses from the perspective of the victims as well as the school shooters. The song implores the audience to “Save Our Children.” While there are many poignant lyrics the students opted to start with the perspective of the shooter presented by 10th grader A’mya Kelly. Kelly says, “Maybe I’m feeling so lonely, so helpless, maybe I feel like no one can help me…It’s been a long time but they failed to see the signs.”  Similarly 8th grader Mekhi Walters talks about being bullied and betrayed and coming in with an oozie but realizing the mistake he made. The victims’ perspectives were represented by 11th grader Adam Walters who comments that even though the shooter was hurting it didn’t make it okay for him to hurt others. Aajela Williams, 6th grader, sings about the impact on the fathers and mothers as well as the students as she implores the audience to come together as a community to rebuild our unity. These students address issues such as bullying, depression, gun violence, gun control, and youth mental health. These students tackled a tough topic with insight, wisdom, and clarity.

The WAE is educating the next generation of problem solvers and challenging them to use music as an educational tool and a way to build community and understanding. These youthpreneurs are addressing compex issues with a level of bravery that is to be applauded in a world where many students and people are simply following. In fact they will be intereviewed on the CBS national TV talk show Daily Blast LIVE at 1:15 pm ET on May 30th. Be sure to tune in LIVE to see the interview and hear the song’s national debut.

Students are available for interviews and to perform live. Listen to their song

Dr V

Author, Counselor and life coach
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