“what gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know

It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so…”

--Mark Twain

Ok, so I’m usually hard on young folks because large swaths of them tend to communicate and react to things as if the world wasn’t active until they got here. Whereupon my message to them is: sit down somewhere and shut the hell up ‘til you get some time in.

But this time however, I’m on some old-heads. Yeah, seems we too can “ignut-out” from time to time with the implied insistence that only what we consider to be significant is what matters. That’s stupid too… and in a deeper sense maybe even more indemnifying since we were all young once too and should have a broader perspective. But here’s the case.

“beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance”

--George Bernard Shaw

So it bothers me that the case being made in the linked video of ESPN’s ‘Pardon The Interruption’ becomes a controversy worthy of consideration. That this young man said something silly… as if silly can’t be funny and entertaining sometimes… especially when everything else you’ve heard from the guy is so intelligently laid out and presented when he speaks. In which case- why would you then even go looking for the specter? And what is it with setting the significance meter for every event in question at ‘The Holocaust’. Look… I don’t minimize anything as brutal or horrible as the mass extermination of people as was the case with Jewish people at the hands of Nazi Germany. That whole event and aftermath was the result of an unspeakable horror. But let’s not act like that was the one and only time that kind of thing has happened. The mass extermination of assorted indigenous tribes in Africa by forces from Belgium and acting on orders from King Leopold produced numbers even greater than that of the Nazi’s campaign of terror. As too were the conquest and slaughter of Southern Africa by Cecil Rhodes and the European slaughter of Native Americans and the indigenous peoples of North and South America. And so to try and conflate this bit of silly and playful irreverence by Steph Curry as Tony Kornheiser does here, to some larger travesty in meaning by context is in itself, silly and irresponsible. And even as I have always liked Mike Wilbon and thought him to be a leveled headed brother and the product of a well-rounded background, I see him too a little differently recently and now with this bit of off-centered preachiness. Because at the end of the day, even if the world was flat and they filmed the whole faked Moon-landing on a vacant lot out in Nawf Memphis; all else being as it is now and well-established, just how much worse off would we actually be?

Methinks… not much. 

It’s like I always say… 

“what gets us into trouble is not the truth that we deny, 

it’s the truth that we accept that is a Got-Damn lie.” 

So relax… this other stuff, believe me, it ain’t that serious.

Andre' Jackson

Andre Jackson has been writing as a columnist for N-TOUCH News for the past 15 years. He is a retired Station Manager from Federal Express in Houston TX.
Category: Enlightenment

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