N-TOUCH Reporter, Naayana Johnson

   My name is Naayana Johnson. I am the daughter of Naaman and Trina Johnson. My father works as a finance manager, with Dimmitt Cadillac, and my mother works with Frontier

Communications and is also working on earning her real estate license. My parents are always there to support me. Without them, I wouldn’t have the motivation to be the person I am today.

I’m in eighth grade, I’m fourteen years old, and I currently attend Trinity School for Children. All throughout middle school, I’ve made the honor roll and have been involved in many after school activities.       I am captain of my school’s cheer team this year, after being a member for three years. I’m involved in my school’s annual musical, as well. Outside of school, I volunteer at my local library and I am a part of the library’s teen advisory board.

This school year is a very exciting year for me, because it is my last year at my current school, before I transition into high school. The high school application process was very stressful, but I was very eager to find out where I would be for the next four years.

    Finally, after months of patiently waiting, I’ve been accepted to Brooks Debartolo Collegiate High School. I am so fortunate to be one of the 100 people accepted, out of approximate 600 applicants. In the future, I plan to attend Florida State University and become an anesthesiologist. The next few years are going to be the ones that are going to bring me closer

to my goals.

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