Vacation Hawaii, Teen Scene

Vacation Hawaii, Teen Scene

Do you want a great vacation to go to. There are many places, but I am telling you about Hawaii. There are cool things to do in Hawaii. Hawaii has many islands like Kona, Maui, and Oahu but let me tell you about Kona because I’ve been there for my summer vacation.

There are great attractions there in Kona, Hawaii, like snorkeling, surfing, fishing as those are some of the main attractions. For the people that are more adventurous, there is a sight where you can jump off a cliff.  You can also jet ski and there are green sandy beaches. The surfing is amazing in Hawaii as the water is bright blue and not green like the beaches in other states. Fishing is a big sport in Hawaii and you can catch big fish that are hundreds of pounds. Some of the fish consist of Blue Marlin, Ono, and Yellow Fin Tuna. To get real close and personal you can snorkel to see lots of fish like Yellow Tang and there are lots of Yellow Tang and if you get lucky, you could see Dolphins.  I saw them as they swam right under us. In Hawaii there are so many beautiful things.

Another really cool tour is a nature attraction and that’s the water falls where you can also  swim except the water is super ice cooled, but beautiful. There are hiking trails too. Lastly, there are real natural black sand beaches. You can take samples of the sand to take home. Hope if you go to Kona you have a great time and do some of the thing I suggested.


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