Who are the 3 Black Men with Florida Ties Making Major Movie Moves?

Who are the 3 Black Men with Florida Ties Making Major Movie Moves?

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  Life is a series of careers.  Most of us do what we are propelled into accepting the jobs that are available to pay the bills. Some are blessed with parents or teachers that expose, direct  or suggest what we should do. Then  there are those of us that take what fate drops in our lap and run with it. However, once we reach a level of maturity and are financially able to make choices, we have a tendency to do what makes us happy. 

  I am elated to share that there are 3 very popular distinguished Black men with loyal ties to Florida that are making major moves in the movie industry. One you may have heard of because he has gained national exposure.  Another is Tampa bred and attended King High School.  He has part ownership in a local dealership.  The other is a retired NFL player and philanthropist. Have I peeked your interest yet? Well let me elaborate. 

    The first gentleman  has 27 movies to his credit. He’s St. Petersburg’s own, FAMU graduate Will Packer. Will Packer 3He is seasoned in  the movie business and on a roll grossing millions of dollars annually. My favorite movie in 2017 was his “Girls Trip.” Will gained national recognition in 2007 with “Stomp the Yard” and “This Christmas.”  Then there was “Think Like a Man” and “Almost Christmas 2016.” His newest productions for 2019 is “Jacob’s Ladder” and “What Men Want.”   Although Will and his wife lives in Atlanta, Packer’s success has not pulled him from his ties to Florida. He can usually be spotted at FAMU’s homecoming in Tallahassee. We saw him earlier this year speaking at the 100 Black Men of Orlando’s annual event and most recently he was spotted at Gary Sheffield’s surprise Party in Tampa. 


The second gentleman is the suave and debonair Victor Young. Victor Young webHe is the better half of Power Couple of the Year 2011, married to the  beautiful Tia Young.  Victor has his hands in quite a few things He launched his media and entertainment career in 1989 where he worked for a local Fox Affiliate. After becoming a successful voice actor, Young ventured into the Radio industry as an on-air personality and show producer.  However, his true passion is making movies. His first release was in 2015 entitled “Stratosphere.” “Crazy Lake” was released in theaters in 2016. His newest release is the Disney movie “Bernie The Dolphin” with Lions Gate.


I found out about the third gentleman from my sister Leniece, who lives in Memphis.  She called to tell me she was in a movie and  asked me if I knew a guy who played for the Buccaneers named Derrick Brooks.  Derrick Brooks webI replied, “Girl yes, He’s a household name in Tampa Bay.  He was on my TV show 20 years ago.” She said, well he is one of the executive producers along with retired NBA player Michael Finley and another retired athlete. It’s a NetFlix movie entitled “UnCorked.” I saw Derrick and his beautiful wife Carol at a Party and  Derrick confirmed that it was true.

  Well It’s rumored that quite a few athletes are investing in the movie industry and it may be why Lebron James chose to play in Los Angeles.

But that’s another story.  Heyy!!

Daryl Johnson

Daryl is a retired Plant Mgr from USPS. He has published N-TOUCH News since 1996 and is CEO of Intercultural Communications, Inc. Husband to Tampa Bay Tammy & proud father of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son (deceased)
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