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Andre' Jackson

Andre Jackson has been writing as a columnist for N-TOUCH News for the past 15 years. He is a retired Station Manager from Federal Express in Houston TX.

52 Pick-up

A lot of people will see this and immediately dismiss it. They prefer to in effect ‘kill the messenger’ because of who she is and has represented ...
Friday, August 17 2018 7:51pm


I can recall at least once and maybe even more than that time, making some kind of disparaging remark about John McCain. Charge it to my head but not ...
Wednesday, August 29 2018 8:11pm

There Goes The Judge

Seuss You Ridicule   Little Brett the bed-wetter Would you please just ‘Cave-In-Now’ You can have another beer to drink If you would ...
Thursday, October 04 2018 8:56am

From Russia With Venom

"Africa is just a cemetery for Africans" - Vladmir Putin   When I first heard about and then read about this, I was furious. Who the #@$% ...
Sunday, December 02 2018 8:06pm


“what gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so…” --Mark Twain Ok, so I’m usually ...
Thursday, December 27 2018 6:08pm

Schindler's Pissed...

…me off! I knew it was a mistake as soon as some of the information started to leak. The democrats were silly in their whole handling of the Bret ...
Tuesday, February 12 2019 10:51am

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