BCU defeats FAMU 29-24, Again

BCU defeats FAMU 29-24, Again

Yousaf the 'Guru' Kahn of N-TOUCH Sports, along with George 'Pick 'em' Vincent picked BCU to defeat the FAMU Rattlers and they both were right for change (LOL),  The FAMU Rattlers had it all wrapped up as they led the BCU Wildcats into the 4th quarter.  But of course, the Wildcats, who have a winning record this season, finished the game in true form, as winners, and put up 19 points to FAMU's 7 points in the 4th quarter to mightily defeat the Rattlers.  Just looking at the stats, both teams stacked up fairly well, FAMU ran 59 plays for 369 yards while BCU ran 72 plays for 366 yards.  Most notably however was time of possession in the 4th quarter by BCU of 10:47 compared to FAMU's 4:13.  Coach Terry Sims from BCU when asked what changed, what clicked in the 4th quarter and he said "Honestly, nothing changed. We didn't waver. We have been here before, and that's everything that was said on our sideline. You know, we have been down before. We've had close games before. If you practice this way and prepare your team, then when this situation comes, you don't have guys panicking. We just continue to play."  Quarterback Larry Brihm of the Wildcats summarized the game and his career at BCU with these words, "Basically, you know, through the five years that I've been here, these games that we've played against FAMU has just been a win-win thing for us, and it's a win mindset, and I wanted to keep that tradition going with this program. I just want to keep our bragging rights, as everybody knows. And it just was a great feeling, a great feeling to get that touchdown in and know that we stole the game with a little time to go." 

Coach Alex Wood of FAMU summed up the loss with this quote "Well, the greatest takeaway is the way we competed for 60 minutes today. I mean, for our guys is to look at that and say, hey, you know... And we've known all along what we're capable of doing. There's no question about that, but the take away is just learning how to compete and finish out and we did that today, you know. And so you know, the takeaway, is, hey, make sure you're always prepared and make sure there's good communication with everybody.

The game was a great match up despite the winning season of BCU, the Rattlers struck, and struck, but failed to strike again.  Coming as close as they did to winning this one, next year's match up will surely be a doozy.

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