Massive protests awaits trump on his London visit


Only the extreme bigot white nationalists in Britain will be happy to see the most racist donald trump during his visit on July 15th. The violent skin head group called ELM has endorsed trump and applauded him on his ignorant statements to segregate the US (or so they interpret his words), then when trump retweeted hate speech posted by the hate group called "britain first", they embraced him as their honorary leader.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has been the target of trump's muslim hate since Khan won the election in 2016. The bay whiner trump has tweeted puns and  and childish insults towards Khan, and no one but white trash bigots were appreciating such ignorance. Even the British Prime Minister Theresa May has condemned the language used by the ignoramus trump, but his adolescent state of mind won't let him give a damn. Maybe the visual protest of the "baby trump" blimp will cause him some discomfort. 

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