Megyn Kelly's Comment Brings Out Bad Memories

Megyn Kelly's Comment Brings Out Bad Memories

 Carol Sykes 2Hi I’m Carol Sykes, born and raised in Tampa Florida a FAMU Graduate, an AKA and a LINK. I presently hold an executive position in Atlanta, Georgia in the Arts. My family friend Tampa Bay Tammy ask me to share my story. Here it is;

  When I was a sophomore at Chamberlain High School, a senior male student, who was a member of the Key Club and the football team, dressed in blackface to depict me in a homecoming pep rally.  At the time I was the only African American cheerleader on any cheerleading squad, JV or Varsity. The skit was traditionally performed by seniors to mock the other seniors during the event. However, this year they decided to include a sophomore, ME. It was done purposely, to be funny.

   I do not remember who he was, but I do remember how he looked, with black makeup on his face, an Afro wig, black tights and long sleeve black shirt. I also remember how everyone laughed and how he mimicked break dancing as if I danced that way. I have never been more humiliated in my life, but I am also ashamed because I didn’t allow my mother to make a big deal about it. At the time my school was about 95% white and I had three more years to go there.

From the outside looking, in most people would think that I had a wonderful time in high school, I did not.  As a matter of fact, I hated going there every single day. Those years were fun and enjoyable due to my outside of school activities: St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, Frank Rey Dance Studio, The Florida Ballet, Jack and Jill, participation in Alpha Kappa Alpha activities for teens, Burdines Teen Board and all of my wonderful friends and my supportive family.       Going to public school changed me and really opened my eyes to how the world really sees me. I had people ask to touch my hair and question my ethnicity and often heard racial slurs and use of the N word and offensive jokes.

I have never expressed my feelings to anyone but after Megyn Kelly’s blackface comments I thought I would share and release the pain and shame that I have carried all of these years.

Daryl Johnson

Daryl is a retired Plant Mgr from USPS. He has published N-TOUCH News since 1996 and is CEO of Intercultural Communications, Inc. Husband to Tampa Bay Tammy & proud father of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son (deceased)
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