Power Couples Ball

Power Couples Ball 2018

Greetings Power Couples,

The “Power Couple of The Year 2018” award goes to Drs. Jomo and Charmaine Cousins!  As Power Couples promoting love and marriage, in an honest effort to Save our Sons (and daughters), please take this opportunity to consider; a friend, a relative, a co-worker or church member to join you for this elegant evening and for the nomination of this prestigious award. 2019 is our 10th year and we are doing something quite special, so prepare yourselves for our 10th year celebration.  Being a Power Couple is a personal decision and it’s truly an honor to be recognized by ones peers for ones positive actions and contributions to the community.

To all the Power Couple Table Host:

I am elated to announce that The Braxton Daryl Johnson - Last Mile Scholarship is now fully functional thanks to your continued support. The scholarship will enable some struggling young man to finish his last year with financial support to complete the degree at any Florida college or university.

With Great Gratitude and Thanks,

Tampa Bay Tammy



Power Couple's Creed

Power Couples are upbeat couples who are visible in the community doing positive things.

Power Couples implement positive change and their community is a better place because of them.

Power Couples play different roles in their community, some work with children and others with adults.

Power Couples are some times entrepreneurs stepping out on Faith making it happen, creating jobs and opportunities for others.

Power Couples are often time the lenders, and not the borrowers, it has nothing to with how much money they make but everything to do with being a good shepherd with what God has given them.

Power Couples may be decision makers who hold executive positions and are responsible for the livelihood of others.

Power Couples are helpful and people have a tendency to come to them in times of trouble for advice and encouragement.

Power Couples make a personal decision to walk a positive walk. 

Power Couples are not perfect. They are not immune to trials and tribulations and some temptations. They may have made some mistakes and bad decisions in their past but that does not define them. Power Couples press forward and learn from their mistakes, because they know they are stronger together than they are apart.

-Tammy Johnson

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