Ed Turanchik For Mayor Campaign Kickoff

Ed Turanchik For Mayor Campaign Kickoff

Power Brokers, Power Players and Power Couples were at the ED TURANCHIK FOR MAYOR Campaign Kickoff held at the Rooftop ...


 “Two Tax Referendums With One Logical Choice”

“Two Tax Referendums With One Logical Choice”

On November 6, 2018 the citizens of Hillsborough County will have a unique opportunity to either vote up or down on ...

Dear Girlfriend

Flirting In Florida

  Dear Girlfriend,  We don’t get out much anymore. Between work, children, household duties  and/or I just don’t be wanting to waste my money like that, its been a little boring. Furthermore my husbands works the evening shift and I discovered many years ago, I have more fun ...
October 4th 2018

Married With Bills

Dear Girlfriend,   In the old days, my husband was known for being a big spender, a hustler and a ladies man. However, those days are over.  He still dresses very nicely, has very fine jewelry and is well respected in our community for all the shows and promotions he did.  He ...
August 16th 2018

Feeling Dumped In Dunedin

Dear Girlfriend,     My very close friend’s husband got a big promotion and relocated to St. Louis about 6 years ago. Since she didn’t have to work anymore, she found herself quite lonesome. She would call at least once a week and we would laugh and share what was going on in ...
July 26th 2018

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